Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alaska Trip - Part 3

This is the last Alaska post.

When we got to Juneau, we woke up to airplanes.  Right outside our deck was the water landing strip.
Steve took the following pictures.

That cruise ship in the background will be the ship a MOMS Club buddy will be on in a few weeks from when we saw it.

Our lunch at the Red Dog Saloon.  Our only regret in Juneau was that we didn't plan out our day better.  Steve's back and knee injury caught up to him here.  We ended up back on the ship so he could take it easy.

When we go back, we will make better use of our time here.  But we still had a blast.  My favorite Alaskan beer turned out to be Alaskan White.  Yummmm

Our evening buddy.  A frog.  His eyes are made of the chocolate they leave on our pillows.

After a good night sleep, we where ready for Skagway.  We opted not to take the train.  Steve is less then thrilled to take train rides while on vacation.  We took the smaller van tour.  He stopped and let us out to check out the sights.  This guy really knew what he was talking about.  I love when you leave a tour, you really feel like you know the area.

We all stopped at the Welcome to Alaska sign.  Yes, Doreen and I have matching jackets.  We got a great deal on them.  Kelli has one to but she didn't wear hers.  Actually, most of the ladies on the ship at them.

I am actually standing on the edge of a cliff.  Something I wouldn't normally do.

Our last formal night, we took advantage of the fact that we were all together and sang happy birthday to Doreen.  We were two weeks early but oh well.

Steve's favorite thing about this ship.  This tree.  He commented on it every time we got in the elevator.  You can't really appreciate just how big this thing is.  It is several stories tall and it is suspended in the air.  It is very cool.

Just a picture of the grand stairway.  At night there is a band and dancing.   Over looking is Steve's coffee shop.  Yes he had his coffee.

Standing at the back of the ship, watching the sun set.

Our last nights little buddy. In my cousins room the monkey was hanging over his bed.  Craig crawled into bed and fell asleep.  The next morning he woke up with brown sticky gooo in his hair.  Craig thought the monkey left him a treat on his pillow, but as he woke up realized he had fallen asleep on his pillow chocolate. 

It was my turn to be tired when we got to Victoria.  Steve and I had both been there so I wasn't that excited.  This picture is more of an inside joke between Steve and I.

Since we had already seen much of these sights, we spent a lot of time just being silly and having fun.  We did take a tour on a double decker bus.

I just liked this store.

Liked this Dollar Tree sign because of the Canadian leaf.  It doesn't take much to amuse me.

We  would do this trip again in a heart beat.  We wouldn't trade anything on the ship, it was truly amazing.  We would do some of the excursions a little bit different.  We laughed a lot and enjoyed the family.  We are already planning the next one.

This picture is completely unedited.  This is exactly what the sunset looked like.  Simply Amazing.

Fire Season

Fire season is in full swing here in Oregon and in the rest of the country.  Anthony is off to southern Oregon but will probably end up somewhere in WA.  There is a big fire near us, but I don't think he will be lucky enough to get that one. 

He was a little bummed.  It will be the first year that his good friend won't be with him this year. 

Good Luck Anthony and Jordan.  Be Safe.

Saturday, July 05, 2014


Here is my little zombie.

He is the one on the rope. 

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Alaska Trip - Part 2

Are you ready for part 2 of my Alaska trip.

I promised I would explain why Happy Bear is called Happy Bear.  This shirt might give you an idea. 

We discovered the "Mystery Drink".  Notice the duck whistle around Craig's neck.  He bought that on the tour we had taken.  He saved it for the Martini Bar back at the ship.

Each one of us had to try the Mystery Drink.

Even Steve's Mom.  I love this picture because it looks like she has enjoyed several "Mystery Drinks", but she didn't.  This was her only one.  You didn't see this picture.

I too had a couple of drinks.  Needless to say, none of us was feeling any pain when we got back on the ship.

The Asylum and the Burger Queen is where we started our day.

The amazing view from our deck.

Craig, showing of his new duck whistle.

We hit a great little shop where we picked up gifts for everyone and ourselves.  Steve bought me a cute jacket.

As we where leaving, Steve and I decided we would live on this island. 

We started seeing whales again.

One of the great things about our ship was the talks.  I wish I could remember his name but he was so informative.  He was in the bridge pointing out the whales and talking about their behavior.  Between the scenery and the whales it was amazing.  As I stood there and took pictures I happened to look up.

The whales where great, but this guy was amazing.  I just can't get enough of them.

Back in our room.

Some of the pictures I got while whale watching.  People around me where taking pictures of the whales while I was taking pictures of the landscape and the sunsets. 

Of course there are sea lions.

The sunsets always amazed me.  But what was more spectacular was the night sky.  This is after 10pm.  Steve and I would step out on the deck and the view would take our breath away.

Pictures as we make our way to the Sawyer Glacier.

We sat on our deck and ate breakfast to this view.

We unfortunately couldn't get to close to the glacier.  To much ice.  So I guess we will just have to go back to see it.  Steve agrees. 

This is also the area where we saw the mama bald eagle in her nest with her babies.  I needed a stronger zoom lens to get the shot clearly.  But it was an amazing sight.

More to come.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alaska Trip - Part 1

Finally a post about our Alaskan cruise.  It's going to be in 3 parts because I have uploaded 74 pictures.  I have over 400.

This trip was amazing.  Steve and I have already looked into doing it again.  We were so completely spoiled.  

 We left from Seattle on a gorgeous sunny day.  It was truly just the beginning of the amazing weather we had the whole week.

The first view of our ship.  It's the big one.

We were the first to arrive.  We were joined by Steve's Mom, sister, brother-in-law.  My Aunt and Uncle and cousins, plus the wine club we were traveling with.

We got checked in and headed up to the pool deck to wait for everyone else to arrive.  Seattle isn't to far so we drove, everyone else was flying in from California.  We saw some big buses come in and figured they were on it.  We were right.  Here comes Steve's Mom and Aunt.

We knew it would take them a while to get checked in and on the ship so we decided to check out our room.  You know its going to be a great cruise when this is what was waiting for us.

From our veranda we could see the passengers getting on the ship.  We popped the champagne kicked back and waited for everyone to get on board.

Here comes Dave and Kelli (Steve's sister and brother-in-law).

Of course here is our lugage.  Why wouldn't I take a picture of it? Mine is the big blue bag in the right cart.

Here comes everyone else.  Doreen is on the phone with Steve.  We couldn't get there attention from yelling so we had to call.

Taking their picture.  Gotta love zoom lenses.  After this trip I decided I needed a more powerful lens.  My shots of the Momma eagle with her babies just didn't turn out.  Oh well.......memories.

I mentioned we were traveling with a wine club.  My cousin owns a winery in California and this trip was put together by them.  So in addition to enjoying Alaska, we also enjoyed wine tasting events.  It was a lot of fun getting to know the people in the club.  Especially getting to know a co-Nikon owner.  We traded stories about our cameras, our dream cameras and we are competing with each other in a photo contest.  We talked more about our cameras then we did about our kids or the wine we were tasting.  The pictures I am posting are SOOC (straight out of the camera), no photo shop.  The only editing I did was just to crop stuff out.

Our view of Seattle as our ship leaves.

Steve and I spent so much time on the decks.  Our veranda door was always open.  The sunsets were amazing.  Our first night on the ship.

Steve all dressed up and ready for our first dinner.   This isn't our first cruise and I knew that our dinners would be amazing, but I was blown away at how wonder the food and the service was.  By the end of our trip we were truly sad to say goodbye to our waiters, Arnold and Icommar.  Dave tried to take Icommar home with him.

This is a sample of what was delivered to our room each night before dinner.  I still get out of bed and expect to see food.

We are up on the 15th floor, getting into the elevator looking down.  Our deck is the one with all the chairs and below that is a giant tree suspended in the middle of the ship.  I have a better picture coming up somewhere in these posts.

Sitting on our veranda getting ready to do something and what is that?????   A Whale!!!!!  We saw a ton of them that night.  So many that the room a few doors down from us turned in into a drinking game.

Steve is enjoying the good life, sitting in his comfy robe.

Every night we would have a new friend waiting for us in our room.  Plus our beds are turned down with a chocolate waiting on our pillow.  I don't understand why this can't continue at home.  I suggested to the kids they should do this and they rolled their eyes.  This is a good shot of our room.  You can see our incredible view and the closets and bathroom is behind me.

Our first stop is Ketchikan.  Here we are chasing after Kelli who wanted to see the totem museum.  We never found it, but we did discover a couple of very cool bars.  Anyway, we where laughing so hard at Craig yelling at Kelli that we could barely walk.  Craig is a cousin so he could get away with it. And this was after our first bar stop.  As a joke, I ended up buying Kelli a totem so she could take home.  She said, "you got me the eagle one that I wanted."  I didn't know it was the one she wanted, it was the only one at the ship gift shop.

A quick shot of Steve and I with our ship in the back ground.

And Craig.

And of course, life boat #15.  It is our assigned lifeboat if anything went wrong.  I just thought I would point that out.

One of the things that I wanted to see on this trip was a Bald Eagle.  Here he is.  He is just a baby, and his head hasn't turned white yet.  I used my zoom for this shot, but I really didn't need it, he was really close.

He decided to be a good sport and give me a flying shot.  I didn't care about the bears or the whales, I wanted to see a Bald Eagle up close.  By the end of the trip I saw several.  I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing them.  They are amazing and beautiful and can see why they are our National Bird.

This picture is at our second bar stop.  Happy Bears.  I will talk more about this bar and why it is call Happy Bears in my next post.  I will tell you this, we discovered a new drink and were feeling nooooo pain.  Thank goodness the boat was close.